Power Banks

The Portable Battery That Fits in Your Pocket

Posted by Whole Day Buy on Jan 10, 2016 16:00

When "Battery about to die" is a default status update on popular messaging app Whatsapp, you know what a much needed invention power banks are.

It seems like we're always out and out—at work, eating at a restaurant, watching a movie—and most locations don't have an available electric outlet for you. Or they do, but it's in use with a line of ten people. Power banks ensure you never face the danger of a dead phone in a world connected. 

10. Mophie Power Reserve

You don't need any cables with the 950mAh Mophie Power Reserve. Both charging and USB connector cable are integrated in its design and it comes with a useful key ring too. 

Priced at $398 HKD

9. Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Pro (6,000mAh)

Dropping your power bank is as frequent an accident as dropping your phone. Mophie's rubber edges provide a firmer grip and protects those corners on impact.

It has the capacity for four complete iPhone charges. Lids protect the USB ports from external damage: dust, water, etc.

Priced at $54 USD

8. Kodiak Mini - USB Power Bank

The Kodiak Mini is made for adventures. Small enough to fit in your pocket, its rubber textured form is waterproof and shockproof.

Don't let its size fool you; it can charge an iPhone 1.5 times and an Android device once.

Priced at $25 USD

7. T-BONE All-in-One Mobile Accessory

Sadly, car manufacturers haven't included phone chargers on their dashboards yet. So the T-bone will just have to do it for them.

Compatible with car cigarette lighters or a 12V socket, it can charge two devices at once and also functions as a flashlight.

Priced at $50 USD

6. Techlink Recharge 3000 UltraThin Power On the Go Battery Pack


A battery pack as thin as your iPhone. Only 7mm thick, it has a built-in cable, eliminating the need to carry an extra one.

It's designed with a battery indicator and can charge your phone 1.2 times.

Priced at $548 HKD

5. MIPOW Power Tube Portable Battery - 3000 mAh

The MIPOW's tiny form conceals a built-in cable. An app, which wirelessly connects the two, can update users on its battery life, temperature and distance from your phone.

Priced at $348 HKD.

4. Cheero Tough Portable Power Bank

The Cheero Tough Portable Power Bank lives up to its name. Its designers ran it over with a 2-ton truck and it still works. Not only is it shockproof, it's water-resistant and dust-proof.

Complete with a battery indicator and LED light to easily view the ports, it can perform up to four complete charges. And automatically shuts down upon finishing charging, so it won't damage the battery.

All for the low, low price of $36 USD.


3. BOLT²

Wall charger and battery in one compact device. Smaller than your phone, BOLT has foldable socket prongs and two USB ports for simultaneous charging at four times the speed of regular chargers.

A battery indicator lets you check how much of its 6000mAh is left easily.

Priced at $80 USD

2. Magic Disk II wireless charger

Like charging a smartwatch, the Magic Disk bypasses the need for cables. Place your phone on the surface, then leave it to charge. You don't have to worry about power overload because it automatically goes on standby once fully charged.

 A soft blue light goes on while charging and dims in the dark as to not disturb sleep. It's compatible with both Apple and Android. For Android, it charges even with a case on.

Priced at $220 HKD


1. Water Resistant Portable External Battery Charger

Thrill-seekers, this one's for you.

Mother Nature is no match for the Photive BOLT. It works even after being doused in rain, buried, dropped in a muddy puddle, or battered by a sudden sandstorm. The 9000mAh battery is sure to keep your devices charged on long trips and has two USB ports for concurrent charging.

Priced at $29 USD

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