Ring in the New Year

Fun Office Supplies to Help Get You Through the Next 365 Days

由日日買發布 Jan 1, 2016 13:00

Another year, another day in the office. A nine-to-five job can get monotonous. Same old files to arrange, same old work cubby, same old papers to file. For the next forty years. 

Why not spice up your work life with a cool gizmo? Those with stressful jobs will be surprised how a simple cat-shaped eraser can make everything feel better. If you're at work right now, pull up a blank Word document, pretend you're working and take a look at our list.

10. Get Sh*t Done Travel Mug

For those who need a little, ahem, motivation. This highly inspirational quote is printed on a travel mug, which can hold both hot and cold drinks.

9. Trozk Fruit Power Strip

Tidy up your workplace with this winding power strip. Shaped like a fruit, it's equipped with four USB ports and four socket plugs of varied styles. Pretty and multi-usable.

8. 80's Compact Cassette "TAPE" set Before digital music, there was the cassette tape. Inspired by the vintage music shell, this pencil holder has two compartments and another one especially for tape. A roll of tape is included with purchase.

7. Jiffy Keyboard Stationery

Stationary that looks like keyboard keys! It includes a paperclip dispenser, hole-punch, stapler and a useful little keyboard brush.

6. The Qwerkywriter Bluetooth Keyboard

Experience a blast from the past with this old-school typewriter replica. The keys look and sound exactly like traditional typewriters with the addition of modern Bluetooth technology.

5. Paper-Plane Push Pin Set

"Two paper airplanes flying, flying…" Pins protrude out the end of these miniature metal paper planes. Stick posters or a brainstorming session near your workspace.

4. La Fonction n°1 Mobile Workstation

Hide your work from prying eyes—with pockets for other tools. Its side flaps contain multiple pockets of varying sizes, making it the perfect mobile workstation.

This French leather satchel also comes with a removable strap. Carry it like a briefcase or sling it over your shoulder. Perfect for the travelling businessperson.

3. Heated Foot Hammock

Relax and put your feet up in a hammock. Its adhesive ends are easily removable as is the cloth for cleaning, but can withstand up to one hundred pounds.

The best part is it's heated. During winter, you can change the temperature however you like. The only drawback: you won't ever want to leave your desk again.

2. Stand Desk

Get up and stretch with the Stand Desk. Office professionals often sit for hours. This innovative desk lets you work while getting exercise, leading to a healthier lifestyle.

Its legs are retractable too. When you're tired, lower its height and it becomes an ordinary desk with extraordinary functions.

1. Elliptical Machine Office Desk


Set up your very own gym at your workplace. Designed for optimal pedalling speed as to not disrupt concentration, the elliptical machine can burn up to 4,000 calories a week.

With adjustable heights and a sliding seat, it can accommodate any user. The out-of-the-way performance monitor won't get in the way and tracks distance, watts, rpm, and calories burned.

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