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Kitchen Decor Items to Put The Taste in Your Space

由日日買發布 Jan 11, 2016 11:00

The kitchen can be a dangerous place. Burns are an all-too-common possibility and a many good cooks have shed blood on cutting boards.

But it's also a place of warmth, a cosy space where the whole family gets together and talks about their day. Fun décor items are a great to represent that mixture of necessity and emotion.

10. Pearl-White Vanity Mirror 

Doing a little midnight baking? This mirror doubles as a lamp. Shine the rear side into dark cupboards or use the reflective surface to wipe flour smudges off your face before answering the door.

Priced at $240 HKD.

9. Tree Trunk Tissue Roll Dispenser

The kitchen's one of the messiest places in the house. There's always a spill there, or a smear there. Keep tissues handy in a furry log-shaped dispenser. The bark surface looks incredibly realistic and would blend in perfectly in a wood-panelled kitchen.

Priced at $120 HKD.

8. Fond Clog

Brrr, cold feet? Not at the altar anyway. Great for couples, these cosy slippers have a cute little moose on them and come in different colours. Red for her, blue for him.

Priced at $140 HKD.

7. "Squirrel & the Log" Tissue Roll Holder

My tissues! This adorable squirrel holds your handy wipes in place. The log is made of plastic and easy to clean—a must-have in a kitchen environment.

Priced at $140 HKD.

6. Mini Gramophone Record Coaster

Spin that record. Experience a blast from the past with these mini-gramophone coasters. Use to prevent marks on table surfaces or simply to reminisce. Six different coasters are included in one pack.

Priced at $80 HKD.

5. Stick-Shifter Bottle Opener

If you're old enough to drive, you're old enough to drink. Shaped like a car shift stick, it provides a fun and practical way of cracking open a beer. The long stick provides a better, firmer grip.

Priced at $160 HKD.

4. Nessie Set (Mamma Nessie + Nessie Ladle)

See the Loch Ness monster in your soup. The set includes a big ladle, which also functions as a strainer, and a small one. Both have four stubby legs, completing its whimsical 'monster' illusion and can stand on its own while you're cooking.

Priced at $34 USD.


Brain ice cubes are a great conversation-starter. Pop one in your friend's martini, wink and say, "I always knew you were a zombie!"

The tray has the capacity for four icy brains and is dishwasher-safe.

Priced at $120 HKD.

2. Exotic Animals Decorative Shakers

In the living room, they're snow globes. In the kitchen and dining area, they're spice shakers. Four animals—deer, rabbit, bear, and camel—rest in the centre of each in this four-shaker set.

Priced at $200 HKD.

1. Oh Snap! Cheese Board

This'll keep those pesky mice away! The Oh Snap! Cheese Board is shaped like a giant mousetrap. Your cheddar will slice fine and smooth thanks to its stainless steel blade. The board is crafted from beechwood and extremely sturdy.

Priced at $18 USD.